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Chilling packs work wonders keeping your cheese in perfect condition until you are able to pop them in the fridge

If you are storing the cheese in the fridge, it is best in the salad drawer. DO NOT store salad items in the same compartment, as it can transfer harmful bacteria to the cheese.

The waxed paper we supply our cheese in does a great job allowing the cheese to breathe. If you use cling film only cover the cut surface and use a fresh piece each time. Kitchen foil is good for wrapping blue cheese.

Cheese is best served at room temperature.

While dairy products such as cheese and milk are important to expectant mum’s, it is true that some cheeses should be avoided. Steer clear of mould-ripened soft cheese, such as brie, camembert and others with a similar rind. Soft blue veined cheeses should be avoided. Please visit the NHS website for more information.

Paxton & Whitfield cheeses are not all organic, however they only work with small scale producers. Even where products are not certified as organic the production ethos will be in line with the organic production.

A Royal Warrant of Appointment is the document that appoints a company or individual in a trading capacity to the Royal Household and which entitles the holder of the Royal Warrant to use the Royal Arms in connection with their business.

We deliver within the M25 only

Yes we do. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.